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Nevita Mezas

Nevita M.G. Mezas is a lifestyle entrepreneur & serial net worker, always on the lookout for opportunities to create lifestyle business concepts based on activities , topic or ideas she is passionate about.

Nevita is  the founder & consultant at The Business Connection BV. The company is focused to assist others with the creation of their strategic & operational plans , connecting with her extended network of experts to bring ideas to life. Nevita focuses to enhance small businesses and help monetizing ideas of others with less effort and risks . And it all starts with understanding the financial basics. Having the basic understanding of finances determines the success of all projects and business concepts. The process of planning in general extends deeply into business and personal finance.  Everything comes down to numbers and money when planning through major life/business decisions and goals.

Besides she contributes to this community as :

  • Past member and certified trainer of JCI IOBA Curaçao

  • Co- founder “Startup Curaçao”, a community driven organization that aims to promote the entrepreneurial culture on the island.

  • Business coach and Facilitator of several quality improvement trainings and entrepreneurs courses for Curacao Development Institute, Curacao Innovation Technology Institute and Qredits.

  • Producer and host informational and educational Business Podcast “The Business Hub”  

  • Weekly host on “ 2121 atardi” on Z86

Title workshop:

Bring your ideas to life by understanding the financial basics.


Nevita M. G. Mezas

Business Consultant, The Business Connection BV

phone: +5999 6965651 site: email:


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