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Fundashon Kas di Arte Kòrsou

Art & Craft Vocational Training for Special People'

We of Fundashon Kas di Arte Kòrsou are very proud/happy to have worked on the project "Man Kontentu 2022" (Happy Hands). At the end of this training we have 8 "Special Entrepreneurs" who makes their own crafts and sell.

Mrs. Raven, mother of Charite, asked around, looking for someone to teach her daughter to make crafts, so her daughter could provide in her own income.

Mrs. Raven was told to ask Sandra to give this training.

Sandra felt honored to be pointed out to do this task and decided to work on a project through Foundation Kas di Arte Kòrsou. The latter, a foundation dedicated to enhance

local culture, craft, workshops & training, vocational trainings and more. Thanks to the financial support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied (PBCCG), the project "Man Kontentu 2022" was made possible.

The trainings were given for Foundation Kas di Arte Kòrsou by Sandra Lewis - Nieuw, an artist, art & craft teacher and Sharnice Leonora, specialized in working with special kids and more at Kas di Arte's atelier at Witteweg 58, OTROBANDA.

A group of 6 persons with Down Syndrom, Autism and other specialities was formed. During the 6 months training, 2 more special youngsters joined the group to become 8 in total. The participants were 21-38 years old and functioned as 7-18 years olds.

Techniques and materials were chosen specially to fit their possibilities and interests. The "Man Kontentu 2022❞ participants were thought to decorate blouses, pillows,

handkerchiefs, cards and more using paint and stencils. Some of these stencils were designed and hand cut by Sandra, others designed and ordered by Sharnice.

The participants were also thought to make wind chimes with clay. Specially tying knots onthreads to build the chimes was a challenge for the participants. At the end they mastered the technique.

The calabashes (kalbas) they were thought to sand and decorate were sold as did the blouses, pillows, wind chimes and other articles during an exposition. Trainings on how to sell were given twice. The expo was Landhouse Ascencion. At the following gatherings the Special Entrepreneurs received an income for their creations t.


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