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Giovanni Eugenia

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Managing Director at Advance Business Consulting

Giovanni (1984) started his studies as a psychologist in 2002 at Leiden University in the Netherlands. At first, his intentions were to study Information Technologies, but he soon realized he had a growing interest in understanding human behavior, especially at work. In 2008 he obtained his master’s degree in Occupational Health Psychology and after working at different educational institutions in Curaçao, he decided to start his own consultancy bureau in 2012. His main focus is to provide solutions for organizations who want to work on improving the general health and well-being of their employees, with the aim to improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity and efficiency. Currently he is the managing director of Advance Business Consulting and more recently also the managing director of Psychologisch Adviesbureau Dynamics (2018).


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