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Gino Jacobs

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Managing Director at Profound Projects B.V.

Gino Jacobs

Gino (1987) attended Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands where he obtained his bachelor’s degree  in International Business Management (2011)  and immediately thereafter his master’s degree in Strategic Management (2012), in which he graduated cum laude. His talent for leadership and ambitious mindset shone through climbing  the corporate ladder at the Dutch asset management firm Robeco, going from sales agent (2009) to several management positions in a span of four years. In 2012 Gino returned to his native island where he became a  partner and managing director at Profound Projects. In addition Gino is the co-founder of Skempi (2012) and Skenicash (2018)


Mentorship and the Entrepreneur; Choosing the right business to start up is a dream of most who wants to embark on the entrepreneurship journey.  A mentor is an essential asset to a growing business. Mentors can have a significant impact on the success of a business. The intervention at a pre-start and a start-up stage of a business is beneficial in reducing the risk for failure.  Groups will be formed to have a personal discussions for potential start-up and scale-up businesses and consists of a Q&A moments.


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